Friday, June 18, 2010

Biblical Truth

First of all, welcome to my blog.

There is so much information in this world today. Our knowledge is ever expanding. With that, though, comes confusion. Too much information and it becomes hard to find what truth is. And despite the growth in knowledge, society’s morals are slowly declining. Each generation seems to show less respect, more and more children are coming from broken homes, growing up too soon. our governments and the leaders seem more and more corrupt, wanting power and money. Disease is spreading, new variations are being discovered, and cancer diseases are becoming more common.

I shudder at the thought of what this world has become. We all hope for something better and want peace and goodness reign. Sadly, though, obtaining a “utopia” is simply not possible on this world. We, as a human race, are selfish. While we try to look out for those without, we will always wrestle with our selfish desires. Men, who were once upright and honest, become corrupt and manipulative when they gain power, such as a CEO position or a government official. It happens. Even King David, despite being a man after God’s own heart, fell into selfishness of the human heart. He lusted after Bathsheba and not only was adultery committed, David had her husband killed in battle! Power corrupts, money corrupts, and selfishness corrupts.

“There’s got to be more to life then chasing down every temporary high that satisfies me.” That is a line out of a song by Staccie Orrico. And it is true. We all search for things that will make us happy, that will make us feel good. But nothing in this world will satisfy us. So we just keep on searching, trying anything and everything. Sometimes it is sex, sometimes it is drugs, lying, stealing, and some will even go as far as into spiritualism, that is, witchcraft, sorcery, psychics. But the adrenaline rush, or the highs we get from these things, never truly satisfy us. We long for more so we do more of the things that temporarily satisfy us. However, before we know it, sometimes we are so consumed by these things that they tend to destroy our life, our families, and our friends -- sometimes directly, but also indirectly.

So is there something more to life? Is there a purpose to this life? Or are we here just by mere chance? Are we just to live, do as we please and simply die?

I want answers and I want the truth. That is the purpose of this blog, to find out truth. I want to look at everything and everything. I want to be skeptical, but open to truth. And that is the main thing -- our mindset. Will we be open-minded? Or will we be narrow-minded, not willing to see truth?

The Bible speaks for itself, and that is something I am going to show you. The Bible explains itself, no need to come up with interpretations or guesses. Nothing in the Bible is secret, no hidden code. It is all there for the willing and honest man to search out.

This is where we find the truth. This is truth about our history, our present, and our future. It is there for anyone who will take a chance, step out of their comfort zone. My brother has a saying, “If the truth hurts, then something is wrong”. Basically, what that means is truth is something you can’t deny. It can only affect you one of two ways. You will either rejoice and be happy about the truth or the truth will bother you, you will become offended, distraught, ultimately unsettled.

I am open and I am willing.


Wasn't it long ago
Wasn't it in a New England coast
Wasn't it the standard- people praying to
The Son and the Father and the Holy Ghost

One nation over God
Is that what we've now become?
The founding fathers left a noble legacy
To their sons and daughters
Look at what we've done
Look at what we've done

Breakdown, Breakdown, Breakdown
As we learn to bite the hand
That tries to feed us
Breakdown, Breakdown, Breakdown
If we say that we are free
Who will believe us?
If we breakdown

See the powder on the glass
See the pillow on the street
See the charter of a modern love
With no obligations or promises to meet

Hear the fear of disease
Hear the baby never born
Hear a people crying out
"Somebody save us- Oh, please somebody save us,
From what we're headed for- From what
we're headed for..."

Michael W. Smith – “Breakdown”

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