Friday, May 27, 2011

God's Family is Our Family

(This all began with a text message to my friend. So the first part does begin like a text message. I still need to write a new beginning for this.)

Exactly! These are our gifts and talents. Jenn, it really doesn't bother me to give you money for your gas. :). In me doing that, you can focus on your duties to others. If more people did that, helped others, then things would get better. That is being selfless. God is trying to show us through love, through His Son, that selfless love is what brings glory and honor to His name. Sin is selfish love, it worries about one's self, the will and advancement of power. It doesn't care about others, whether they are hurt or not. It is of Satan. If it doesn't bring glory to God, one prays for guidance. Because we know God, then we also know what is of Him.

Sadly there is no way presently or in the future can humanly allow and change us to be better. On the contrary, its just going to get worse. Its God's grace holding together everything that is affected by sin, our sins, what we know is wrong to do, willingly... I bet it saddens our Lord deeply to have to only help us when we call on Him from the depths of our hearts, our emotions, that is what makes us different from the rest of this world.

We are not a product of evoution, but you have to think about this great controversy in the bigger picture, and a better way to do this is to think about a parent and a child relationship. God is our Father, He cared for us, we are made in His image, His image of love, of grace, happiness, TRUE freedom, no worries, no pain, one does not know pain, the pain of the world. This is the newborn stage. Innocence it is. Our knowledge of the world is very little. The parent cares for the child, protects them, loves them, blesses them, disciples them, cherishes them, prepares that newborn to become an adult who can one day do the same for others.

Then one day a choice was made. Because of our free will we decided a taste of something different. Although being told to stay away, we are curious, then convinced to try, and we disobey. Because God cannot live with sin, the free will He has given us has to separate us from Him. He is more saddened by this than He is mad. Its like a parent who looses a child, the parent whose child is willingly choosing the wrong path. The parent hurts inside, they can't do anything to help, the free will of choice he abides by.

Yet, like a parent, God still continues to show His love, that parent's selfless love. Of faith, which is trust. And hope that one day things will be restored to a place of no pain, no hurt, just love and TRUE honor. God needed to send His Son to do this. We needed to be shown selfless love. It was more than following rules and ideas, and traditions. It is a selfless love of that once happiness that we had as a child, knowing nothing about the world, of hurt and pain. Jesus was teaching us what it was, of what we needed to do. We are to take care of this world.

But instead, the selfish love of sin is destroying this world and us. We presently can see this happening in this world. Sin is death, our world is dying. Sin is killing it, the wrong choices we make are destroying this world. We ourselves die because of sin. Jesus came to live the 10 Commandments to us. It wasn't a life of bondage and cruelty of punishment. We don’t fully understand what our parents really mean until we experience. We have to experience the Commandments and Jesus summed it up as this: Love the Lord your God with all of your soul, all of your strength and spirit. And love one another as God loves you. Show selfless love to others, honor Him. He gave you life. That is our soul. It is the breath of life. If not for that soul, that breath of life, not one heart would beat.

A day is coming when God won't be able to hold back the tides. Judgement time will end, the time where God is giving everyone a chance no matter who you are or where you come from, or what you've done, what terrible things were done. He just wants truthfulness, your love back. But He doesn't force Himself. He will never force Himself on anyone. Judgement isn't about us. We are the evidence for God's trial. God is on trial, Satan accusses God of not being fair. So Satan does everything he can do to prove God is not fair. So we are caught in the middle. That is the Great Controversy of the universe. And because we are the evidence, all of the heavens are watching intently.

All is not lost. We already know the outcome. We just need to chose the right side, the everlasting life. It's also our free will to chose. That is why God is waiting for the very last millisecond to try and show the truth of Him to all His children. We are living in the judgement time. This is the time we need to decide, we need to make a choice, get off the fence, its ultimately black and white, no in between. You either choose to be with God, who is of love, of patience, our Father, the perfect Father, perhaps the one we never had, or wish we could have had. He wants all of His children, His sons and daughters to come home, to once again live with Him, as Adam and Eve once did before sin. Or, you can choose Satan, who once was an angel of God. But selfishness entered his heart, he wanted to be like God, to be God. He lost a battle in heaven; he took one-third of the angels too; who also freely chose to be convinced by Satan. And they were hurrled down to earth.

Satan then hurt God, what God cared most about. His creation, man. We are the sons and daughters of God, we are part of His family, He is our Father. The separation from Him and ourselves is like a parent loosing their child, the tear at the heart, the deep pain, the parent cries. The parent wants nothing more than for his child to come back home. The prodigal son. Despite all the bad choices the son made, his father loved him the same and did not care about what was done. The father is just happy and joyous that his son freely chose to come home.

God wants us to cone home. God could have destroyed us at the first sign of sin. But He didn't. He has so much love for everyone. And wants us to choose to come home. When judgement is over, God's presence will leave the earth, the grace holding every little inch together, will have to show what truly living in sin brings. Father will turn against son, brother against brother. Those who do not choose not to be with God will become ruthless to the believer of the true God. The tribulation, the persecution will be devastating to God's children. Jesus went through this at the Cross. When God had to turn away because of the sin that covered Jesus and bore for us, this was His words, "My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?” Jesus was not angry in saying this. Jesus felt God all His life on Earth, His Spirit. And now, that closeness He had with His Father was gone. That is what will happen for believers in God.

But the tribulation won't last forever. It is not the end. God has a plan. All the sacrifices in the Old Testament point to Jesus, He is bridging the separation between us and the Father. Jesus has promised that He will return to bring God's children home to their Father. Once He brings them home, there will be 1000 years of destitution on the earth. No one will be alive. Satan and his angels will roam the earth. No one to tempt, no one to cause pain to. During this time, the believers will be shown why their loved ones are not there with them. They will be shown all the times God offered a way out, a safe place. They will also be shown their lived one's free will choice to turn away from God. The believers will freely agree that God is just and loving, they will also freely agree to the punishment of the wicked. At the end of the 1000 years, the wicked will be brought back to life, to which Satan will make one last effort to overcome God. But before Satan, his angels, the wicked reach the City gates of Jerusalem, God will reveal the judgement of the wicked. The wicked will see all the chances they had to choose God, they will also see their free will decision to turn away. The wicked will also freely agree to their judgment: The ultimate separation from God.

Now is the time. Now is the time to choose God and change our lives around and live the 10 Commandments, to live and show selfless love. The Father wants all His children to come home. Because of free will of choice and the Great Controversy, He can't just save us. He can only help us when we earnestly call out to Him, repent if our sins, confessing them openly to Him, asking for forgiveness, and living for our Father and showing His selfless love to others. He can also intervene when we pray on behalf of others. He is a gentle Father. He won't force Himself on anyone, only when He is asked to, just like a parent who helps their child, when their child asks for help for themselves or for another.

Creation is aware of these spiritual events. Its screaming out to us. Just look. Tornados, hurricanes, wild fires, changes in natural habitats. The things we seem to be braver and braver to attempt for selfish gain of power. The harder and harder ability to live without worrying whether you'll make it to be financially stable instead of living day to day. The diseases and cancer eating us physically. The wars plaguing us emotionally.

Jesus is going to come soon. It is very soon. Creation is calling out. Wake up! We really need to throw it out all one the line for God . We need to wake up His children who do not see His light to bring them forth from the dark. This whole thing all mankind has gone through, this thing known as sin. It's death. It's life we want isn't it? So why do we continue to do things that are there to cause death? We need to wake up and realize how serious this free will choice is to our future. Remember we are the evidence, the evidence that, yes, YES, living the 10 Commandments can be done, and it does bring happiness and joy, peace beyond all understanding. We all want this, a place where we all get along, there is harmony, love, care, truth, we doing all the right things, there is no death, no worries of any kind. We are already hoping for a life like that. Money is the root of all evil. We seem bondaged to it and don't even realize it. If you live by money, it brings nothing but trouble. But God has a way he can help us out. This can be done by looking at our families. They are a representation of God's relationship he wants for us, in a place with no sin.

Our families are in trouble. There is moral decay; lack of respect, our society is really bad. We really need to start living for God within our homes. This is where it needs to help others. If we see a family struggling, we need to use our talents and gifts to help them out and not worry about how it will affect us. It is showing selfless love. And God will bless abundantly those who show selfless love in anyway.

The choice, ultimately, is to decide all this. Everything is at stake. Life is at stake.

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